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  • Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Launches New Sport Cab

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Launches New Sport Cab

    Note: As of December 2021 Doosan no longer offers Polycarbonate sport cabs on our trucks. Some cab options are available for some models at time of purchase, but not as aftermarket addons. For more information contact your local Doosan dealer.

    Doosan does it again with the sleek styling and superior performance of their lightweight, polycarbonate sport cab. Designed exclusively for Doosan’s Heart-of-the-Line forklifts, this utility player covers all the bases. The ‘No Wait Time’ cab can be factory installed, fitted on location, stocked in your Parts Department, or ordered by the piece. Additionally, the cost of the cab versus a traditional steel cab makes adding it to your roster a breeze.

    “This was a very exciting project to lead,” Doug Erbeck, Pricing Analyst said. “First, from a practical perspective, we were developing something that solved a couple of the main resistance points with aftermarket cabs today in our industry: cost and lead time. The cab we developed is a fraction of the cost and installs within a few hours. Second, from a design/functionality standpoint, I believe we’ve gone to great lengths unmatched in our market today.”

    Doosan’s new Sport Cab features enhanced ventilation, allowing the operator to have maximum air flow throughout the cab. Designed specifically for elements to be easily removed, the cab will fit your needs, whether they are seasonal or year-round.

    Cab in Outdoor Environment

    “From our choice of material, to lift-off doors and a tilting roof panel, we’ve created something that not only addresses visibility and versatility issues but remains true to our identity, and is distinctively and unmistakably Doosan,” Doug stated.

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years of experience. We provide 112 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. With a presence in more than 90 countries worldwide, Doosan offers solid solutions wherever you are.

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