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  • Forklift Applications in Farming & Agriculture

    Outgrow the competition with Doosan’s Material Handling Solutions

    Forklifts are becoming more common on modern American farms. Between their natural versatility, range of customizable attachments & ease of repair, it is clear why so many farms across America trust Doosan to keep their business growing strong.

    Ditch old farm equipment & maximize investment with a Forklift

    Lift trucks are quickly becoming a staple of the modern American farm, and Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. is happy to help American farmers who have hay in need of hauling.

    As modern material handling solutions have replaced tractors on farms and orchards, supplies are more likely to be delivered stacked on pallets. Standard pallet trucks or jacks might be a good fit for some farms, but anyone looking to expand and store more significant quantities of seed, produce, or supplies will require the extra oomph that a lift truck brings to the table.

    Doosan offers a range of options for members of the agriculture industry, such as bigfoot/rough terrain tire kits and industry-specialized attachments. Thanks to the customizability of Doosan’s lift trucks, hauling goods and materials across pastures can be completed with the same equipment used to store products on high shelves in barns or small storehouses.

    But what kind of forklift or material handling solution is the right fit for a farm? It is no secret that an orchard operates entirely differently than a dairy! The perfect lift truck solution can vary depending not only on the industry but the types of jobs that need to be accomplished. It is also essential to consider if the truck will need to be operated outdoors and on rough or uneven terrain.

    Because every farm is as unique as its owner, Doosan’s dealers have been trained to assist our customers with finding the perfect forklift and attachment combinations. Contact a Doosan Dealer today and see why so many farms across America trust Doosan to keep their business growing strong.

    Small Family Owned Farms

    Forklift Farming & Agriculture - Industrial Farming

    Livestock & Animal Husbandry

    Forklift Farming & Agriculture - Livestock & Animal Husbandry

    Crop Cultivation & Storage

    Forklift Farming & Agriculture - Crop Cultivation

    Production & Transportation

    Forklift Farming & Agriculture - Production, Storage & Transportation

    Forklift Farming & Agriculture - Livestock, Family Farm

    Doosan Revitalizes the Crop Cultivation Industry

    Cut out the stress of transporting goods from combine harvesters to stockrooms by investing in a Doosan 7 Series forklift. Not only will these bad boys allow farmhands to stack produce higher and more securely, but they can also swap out forklift attachments to grip and move bales of hay and other materials around the farm.

    The 9 Series cushion internal combustion forklift can lift loads of up to 12,000 libs, a perfect solution to moving large loads around the farm when paired with a bigfoot tire kit! Be sure to talk to a genuine Doosan dealer about bigfoot tire kits for a rough-terrain-like solution for a fraction of the cost!

    Move Products in Style with Doosan’s Forklift Warehouse Equipment.

    Turning a barn into a fully functioning warehouse has never been so easy, and Doosan is here to help transition small farms into large businesses with our forklift technology. From pallet trucks to pallet stackers we have all the equipment necessary to revolutionize a small farm into a booming business.

    Applications of Doosan Forklifts in Livestock and Animal Husbandry Industries

    There is no longer any need to manually push or pull old pallet trucks to haul hay bales into dangerously high barn lofts. Doosan’s fork trucks are here to lift, transport, and maneuver equipment and livestock from point A to B. Our 7 Series Plus Pneumatic Electric Four Wheel is the perfect solution to help turn older barns into functioning multi-level mini-warehouses, while the 7 Series electric burden carrier (who sports a max of 6,600 libs) can transport smaller livestock around the farm.

    Forklift Farming & Agriculture - Crop Cultivation & Harvesting

    Contact One of Our Agriculture Industry Specialists for More Information

    Doosan's 9 Series Electric Rider Pallet Trucks are absolutely essential for unloading and moving shipments from suppliers.

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