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  • Warehouse Industry & Doosan Electric Forklifts

    Warehouse Industry & Doosan Electric Forklifts

    Learn how Doosan’s Electric Forklift line has revolutionized the shipping & logistics industries

    Product Spotlight – Electric Warehousing Equipment


    Recent advancements in technology have led to many improvements in traditional electric forklifts. Doosan products offer cutting-edge material handling technology in the form of sealed connectors and drive motors that can easily withstand outdoor usage, while advances in AC technology have reduced the maintenance and operating costs of warehouse solutions across the board.

    Thanks to this lower cost of ownership, switching to electric vehicles (EVs) can significantly boost short-term efficiency and long-term profitability of businesses by offering benefits that cannot be matched by their fossil fuel counterparts such as:

    • Extended Value & Maximum Uptime – Improved charging and power output technologies ensure these electrics to have power and ‘run-time’ on par with their IC counterparts. Opportunity charging during shift changes and weatherproof internal electronics allow Doosan’s modern electric forklifts to operate indoors and outdoors 24/7.
    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Electric forklifts require less frequent routine maintenance, & Doosan’s up-front costs are lower than traditional IC trucks.
    • Save More on Fuel Costs – Going electric means no more burning fossil fuels which saves thousands each year! With the cost of electricity remaining relatively low, these trucks are the natural choice for cost-effective operations.
    • Health and Environmental Safety – Electric forklifts have long-term benefits to the environment and employees. Adopting an electric fleet significantly reduces harmful emissions, improving air quality, and a cleaner workplace.


    3,000 lb. – 4,000 lb. Capacity

    7 Series Cushion Electric four-wheel doosan lift truck

    4,000 lb. – 6,500 lb. Capacity

    7 Series PLUS Electric Pantograph Doosan Reach truck

    3,500 lb. – 4,000lbs lb. Capacity

    9 Series Cushion Electric Stand Up Rider

    3,000 lb. – 4,000 lb. Capacity

    Electric Forklifts and the Warehousing Industry || Order Picker Solutions for Warehouses

    Making the switch from diesel to electric material handling equipment can be a daunting task – but it can also be highly cost-effective. An electric warehouse fleet makes the lives of employees safer as electric lift trucks do not release toxins or debris into the air while running inside warehouses. Businesses also benefit from a lower total cost of ownership simply by not having to pay for and transport replacement diesel fuel.

    Doosan is unmatched when it comes to setting the standard for lowest total cost of ownership for forklift and reach trucks. Our team of experts work to make sure that whenever businesses transition to electric fleets their bottom line sees the results. And now with our new 7 Series models – such as the 7 Series cushion four-wheeled electric model – operators can enjoy speed, durability, and maneuverability even more, for even less!

    Electric Order Pickers and Electric Forklift solutions for Small Warehouses

    When managing small to medium-sized warehouses, it is always beneficial to have a forklift specialist on call. We are happy to assist any United States Businesses with researching material handling solutions for their warehouses. Also, make sure to subscribe to the Doosan Lift blog to keep up to date on all of the latest advancements in material handling warehouse solutions.

    If it is time to replace aging lift trucks or order pickers, Doosan dealers have the largest selection of new reach trucks, order pickers, and electric forklift inventory available. Reach out to one of our dealerships today and see how Doosan can replace aging material handling equipment for less than the competition! Let us demonstrate firsthand why so many warehouse managers choose to trust Doosan with their business.

    Electric Forklift Warehouse Dealer | Electric Reach Truck and Pallet Trucks for Sale

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle America has one of the largest selections of electric lift trucks available in the United States. Thanks to our expansive network of certified Doosan Dealerships a new fork lift or reach truck is never far away!

    In today’s climate locating a new forklift can seem almost impossible. That is why our team works hard every day to make sure that our inventory of electric pallet jacks and forklifts is as fully stocked as possible. It is just one of the many ways that Doosan works hard to make sure our customers stay up and running, no matter what is happening in the world

    Forklifts for Sale || Where to find forklift electric order pickers?

    When it comes to purchasing a reach truck or fork truck, Doosan beats out all competition. Our forklift dealers are trained to find the perfect lift truck to expand a warehouse fleet. Reach out to one of our Doosan dealers for more information on how to pick a quality lift truck and our team will show you exactly how #DoosanDelivers – In time, in style, and on budget!

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