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    Rough Terrain Material Handling: Forklifts

    Rough terrain & All-Terrain Forklifts

    What are rough terrain forklifts? 

    If you have not heard the phrase rough terrain forklift, perhaps you have heard the term all-terrain forklifts! These robust material handling behemoths have been optimized from the top down with rugged conditions in mind!

    All-terrain forklifts are easy to spot thanks to their massive pneumatic tires and larger-than-average form factors. These material handling bad boys can traverse rocky terrain & muddy paths with ease while retaining all of the maneuverability and lifting power you have come to expect from the Doosan electrics forklift line. These bad boys are made to handle even heavier loads than most forklifts, with a load capacity often topping out at over 40,000 libs!

    Why would I need a rough terrain forklift?

    Sometimes you need a little more versatility and maneuverability than a tractor, and that is quite all right! A forklift trumps a tractor or other material handling equipment when maneuverability and verticle lifting power is critical to complete your job. Check out our Pneumatic trucks to see if there is an all-terrain forklift or reach truck that would be the perfect fit for your worksite!

    Construction sites are crammed full of materials and people, so having a material handling solution that can stop, turn and go on a dime is imperative to site safety. Ground clearance is also an important factor when dealing with material handling solutions on uneven terrains; Doosan dealers have the best selection of used electric forklifts inventory in the united states. 

    Common uses for rough terrain forklifts.

    Many different industries can benefit from the use of a rough terrain forklift. Thanks to the numerous attachments available, farming and agricultural sectors have found all-terrain forklifts to be a perfect fit for many farms across the united states. Timber and construction sites have also benefited by exchanging aging tractors. 

    The majority of rough terrain forklifts fall into the diesel, gasoline, or even propane category; however, Doosan’s forklift electric line has a few battery-powered contenders to throw into the mix as well. 

    Where can I find used rough terrain forklifts for sale near me?

    Doosan Material Handling Solutions Atlanta and Doosan Material Handling Solution’s Southern California office have the largest selection of used all-terrain forklifts available for sale in the United States. Moreover, we will offer you top dollar on your forklift trade-in to help you purchase your new rough terrain forklift! Contact a Doosan forklifts dealer today and let us help you lift your business off the ground!

    Miner Material Handling at HOUSTEX

    Miner Material Handling Booth at HOUSTEXOur Dealer Partner Miner Material Handling attended the Houstex trade show, an industry-leading southwest manufacturing trade show!

    The 2020 Housetex trade show took place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston Texas.

    The Houstex trade show is an interactive experience that dedicates itself to acting as a showcase for industry-leading technologies in fields such as welding, robotics, and heavy machinery.

    Our Friend and Partner, Miner Material Handling is a long-time Doosan partner and seller of Doosan Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, and electric reach trucks. They also supply their customers with forklift service, rentals, and parts for ALL makes and models.

    If your business is located in the Houston Texas area and you are in need of electric forklifts or an electric pallet jack be sure to check out Miner Material Handling’s website, Linked In Profile, or Facebook page.

    Thank you so much again to Miner Material Handling for representing Doosan in Houston Texas, we look forward to many more years of partnership with your team!

    Government Forklift Purchasing Made Easy(er) with Doosan

    Sourcewell & Doosan Government ContractingDoosan’s partnership with Sourcewell has revolutionized how federal government agencies, state agencies, and local agencies purchase their material handling equipment. Whether your department requires electric forklifts or a new reach truck, Doosan has the equipment (and price) for you.

    Doosan Material Handling in Government Agencies Via Sourcewell

    Sourcewell has rapidly expanded on its goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for government contract management and purchasing. For example, when suppliers such as Cascade Engineering & Recollect recently joined the Sourcewell network, entire local government sanitation departments can now complete all major purchases through their platform.

    Registering with Sourcewell to Take Advantage of Doosan’s Pricing Incentives

    Sourcewell is not just for government agencies. Schools, Universities, & nonprofits can also benefit by registering for free. The online registration only takes a few moments to complete. There are absolutely no obligations to purchase any equipment when you sign up.

    Agencies registered with Sourcewell have a dedicated member of their staff trained both on Sourcewell’s & the ins and outs of government purchasing. The purchasing process and the necessary steps you will need to complete before finalizing your purchase. At Doosan, Connor Cameron will be here for you through every step of your pallet truck or reach forklifts purchasing process.

    Why should I be interested in cooperative purchasing? Why not just directly contact a forklifts dealer?

    Cooperative purchasing is “Procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, one or more Public Procurement Units” as defined by the American Bar Association Model Procurement Code for State and Local Governments.

    When you purchase through Sourcewell, you can be sure you are only dealing with the very best vendors in the country. The procurement team handles everything from the development of requests for proposals, public notices and advertisements, and RFP openings for you. Essentially: they handle all the democratic headaches so you don’t have to!

    Are you ready to save with Sourcewell & Doosan? Contact us (or Connor) today!

    DIVAC Receives the 2019 Doosan Credo Award

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC) is the proud recipient of the 2019 Doosan Credo Award. This highly regarded honor is presented by the Korean-based corporation to the business group that shows outstanding achievement and growth while representing the aspiration and values of Doosan.

    The Doosan Credo is a set of principles that represent Doosan’s unique way of doing business and include:

    • Cultivating People
    • Supporting Customers
    • Social Responsibility
    • Integrity and Transparency
    • World-class Technology and Innovation
    • Safety and Environment
    Doosan Credo Award 2017

    Throwback: Tony Jones, CEO of DIVAC, accepts 2017 Doosan Credo Award

    “It is through our philosophy of putting people first and constantly adapting that we continue to grow in North America. DIVAC employees embody ‘The Doosan Way’ and have made it possible for us to serve our customers, offering innovating products, programs and assistance, especially during these unique times,” Tony Jones, CEO of Doosan Industrial Vehicle America stated. “We have received this award because of our strong partnerships and the success of our Dealers to deliver top notch warehousing and forklift products,” he continued.

    These principles have been the foundation of Doosan’s success for the past century and will continue to drive the motivation to build businesses through the power of their people.


    About Doosan:

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. Doosan Industrial Vehicle America’s headquarters is located in Buford, Georgia. With a presence in 89 countries, we provide 179 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. Doosan offers comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.





    DIVAC Names 2019 Dealer of the Year

    Tenacity, innovation, and cultivating people are just a few Doosan Credo attributes this dealership embodies. Doosan proudly recognizes Wisconsin Lift Truck as its 2019 Dealer of the Year. “We are very proud to be named Dealer of the Year by Doosan. On both sides of this relationship, we have worked hard at building a presence in the market for Doosan’s quality product line,” explains Ross Jeremiah, Executive Vice President for Wolter Group LLC.

    Wisconsin Lift Truck has been a Doosan dealer for over 10 years. “Their dedication to Doosan and commitment to excellence by all of Wisconsin Lift Truck’s people puts them above most in the material handling business,”  Jim Schaub, Midwest Regional Business Manager of Doosan Industrial Vehicle stated.

    “It has been impressive what Doosan has accomplished over the past couple of years. Between the redesign and launch of new products, in many ways, Doosan made exceeding sales goals ease.” Ross continues, ”Thank you to Doosan and the Wisconsin Lift Truck team for providing excellent support and products to our customers.”

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. With a presence in 89 countries, we provide 179 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. Doosan offers comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.

    Doosan Recognizes 2019 Award Dealers

    2019 was a record year for Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC). We reached new heights, strengthened relationships, and worked tirelessly to bring new products to market, while growing our presence in North America. This could not be possible without a solid network of dedicated dealers.

    We proudly congratulate the following award recipients for their outstanding efforts and commitment to Doosan as top performers in 2019. We also celebrate the unwavering efforts of all Doosan Dealers that have made 2019 another record year.

    Doosan Dealer of the Year:

    Dealer of the Year

    Doosan Summit & Diamond Award Winners:

    Summit & Diamond Awards

    Doosan Platinum Award Winners:

    Platinum Award Winners

    Doosan Eastern Parts Region Winners:

    Eastern Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Midwest Parts Region Winners:

    Midwestern Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Southern Parts Region Winners:

    Southern Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Western Parts Region Winners:

    Western Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. With a presence in 89 countries, we provide 179 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. Doosan offers comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.

    Doosan Offers No Payments for 180 Days!


    Durable. Dependable. Doosan.

    No Payments for 180 Days

    Doosan lifts your business to even greater heights for 180 days! Act by August 31, 2020 and see no payments on forklifts up to 12,000 lb. capacity until 2021!

    And you can depend on Doosan to do even more. Protect your new forklift with our Carriage to Counterweight Warranty for 5 years/ 10,000 hours. This offer is available for all Fair Market Value or $1 Option Leases, up to 64 months leases at 4.25% APR!

    By choosing Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC), your material handling needs are fully covered with a network of 90 dealers and approximately 200 locations in North America, providing outstanding customer service and product support. With a strong parts distribution system, over 24,000 different SKU’s with a 98% fill rate, you can count on Doosan as your True Partner.

    Find a Dealer near you: https://www.doosanlift.com/dealer-locator/

    Forklift Activity Pages

    This month is unlike any other that we have ever experienced in our lifetime. We are all under crazy amounts of stress and trying to stay healthy. During this time, let’s all take a moment to reflect on what is important, in business and in life.

    Your work is essential, but so is family! Keeping little hands busy while you are keeping the supply chain lifting is important. We hope these coloring pages will present a fun activity for your kids this week! Please share photos of their masterpieces with us by tagging @DoosanAmerica on social media and we will send you a 3-D Puzzle!

    Cabin Fever Coloring Page

    cabin fever coloring page

    Stand Up Rider Coloring Page

    Stand Up Rider Coloring Page

    D180 Coloring Pagecoloring page of forklift


    Warehouse Coloring Page

    Doosan Women in Industry Mascot

    Warehouse Coloring Page #2

    Doosan Adds Another Power Hitter to the Team

    Jerry Dolan Head ShotDoosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation is excited to announce Jerry Dolan as the new Aftermarket Parts Manager for the Western Region. In his role, Jerry will develop and implement strategies for growing dealers’ parts businesses, supporting Doosan’s 98% fill rate.

    With nearly 25 years of experience, Jerry started as a Service Technician at Clarklift of Washington and Alaska, working his way up to General Manager of Western Washington and Corporate Operations Manager at Mid Columbia Forklift, a certified Doosan Dealer. “The addition of Jerry Dolan to our Parts Sales team will be a tremendous asset, as we position ourselves for continued growth,” Trena Harris, General Manger of Human Resources stated. “We seek to hire the best and brightest in the industry and Jerry’s limitless aspiration speaks to just one of the qualities that makes our Doosan employees world-class!”


    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment celebrating over 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. With a presence in more than 89 countries, we offer 63 product families and 179 product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities, providing comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.


    Doosan Industrial Vehicle Announces New Electric Products

    Dealers Observing New Stand Up RiderWith high energy and much anticipation, Doosan Industrial Vehicle North America announced two new products – a Stand Up Rider and Walkie End Rider. “Each of these products were engineered to excel in the North American market,” Andre Marshall, Product Manager stated.

    Like all of Doosan’s current offerings, these first generation products are designed with the operator in mind. This includes safety features like Guardian Stability System (GSS) and LED lights, and maintenance-friendly access to service points and extended service intervals.

    Doosan's Stand Up Rider

    The overall durability of the Stand Up Rider is outstanding because all key components have been field tested in our electric sit down products. Even though this unit is new to the family, its technology has proven success.

    The Walkie End Rider is a heavy-duty machine with 5 year/10,000 hour warranty on the entire frame structure. Built with European high-yield steel, this unit is a tank. Some of the standard key features include cushion knee pads, ergonomic tiller handle, padded grab bar, and unlimited ramp hold.

    Doosan's Walkie End Rider

    “By providing a full product lineup, we are continuing our commitment to be a true partner in business to our dealers, and in turn, their customers,” Jeff Powell, National Sales Director stated. “We believe these new products expand our footprint in Class I and Class III, allowing growth of the Doosan brand in North America.”

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