BC-7, Our New 4 Wheel Electric Cushion Truck is Here!


 Marketing Bulletin


Marketing Bulletin No: MB20160718

Issued Date: July 18, 2016


To                           : Doosan Industrial Vehicle Distributors

Attention            : Sales & Marketing Managers

Subject                 : Announcing the new BC-7 Series Electric Cushion Trucks


We are very pleased to introduce the new 4,000 ~ 6,500 lbs. 4-wheel electric cushion tire trucks.

The new BC-7 Series Trucks utilize modern Curtis controllers provide an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality. Curtis allows for optimized settings, achieving an average of 7% energy efficiency compared to previous models. This combined with improved serviceability reduce cost of ownership.

The re-designed ergonomic cockpit keeps the operator in complete control at all times, improving productivity and reducing stress and fatigue. The new cell offers improved visibility and the latest design in placement of hydraulic controls. Thanks to the improved design, enhanced durability and additional stability system; Doosan’s new BC-7 Series Electric Trucks exceed the highest demands for productive and safe operation.

Effective storage is the primary goal for many warehouse managers and Doosan’s BC-7 Series trucks were specifically designed to meet this demand. The newly designed rounded counterweight enables the trucks to move comfortably in and out of narrow spaces.

In addition, the BC-7 Series electric trucks are rated water resistant and safe for outdoor use. The new sealed controllers are rated IP65 and the motors are rated IP43 enclosed type, with all related wiring & connectors being silicon sealed against dust, debris and moisture.

The new series offers a greater variety of valuable standard features then competitive models. The Guardian Stability System (GSS) provides maximum stability during any operation.

Offering powerful performance, enhanced safety and convenience, improved efficiency with less noise and better energy savings make the new BC-7 Series truck the clear choice in its class.

Please see additional features and benefits of ownership in the official product brochure and product guides. For your convenience; here is a summary of major features and benefits;


Key Features

1. Operator Comfort and Ergonomics

- Easily-adjustable steering column and seat positions

- Continuous monitoring of vehicle conditions on easy-to-read instrument panel

- Hydraulic control levers with forward / reverse direction change switch

- Large entry bar and large entry step with anti-slip pattern

- Convenience tray: large cup holder, clipboard, USB port & 12V cigar jack

- Optimized sized steering wheel with easy grip spinner knob

- Premium grade Grammar Seat (optional)

- New Doosan finger-tip control system with armrest (optional)


2. Serviceability

- Stable, intelligent and easily serviced Curtis controller

- Easy to access service: wide opening controller and motor compartments

- Flexible performance parameter setting and monitoring with instrument panel or service tool

- Virtually maintenance-free Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

- Easy Diagnostics

- Tool-less side covers and floor plates

- Rounded design battery cover makes it easy to maintain or change the battery


3. Performance

- IP65 rated Curtis Controller & IP 43 rated Presto-lite enclosed motor

- 3-mode power selection for optimized productivity and battery utilization

- Large diameter power cables for heat balance

- LED Lighting (optional)


4. Safety & Stability

- Steer axle angle display on instrument panel

- Auto-parking brake & unlimited ramp hold (electric parking brake system)

- Low battery alarm

- Turtle mode

- Operator sensing system (OSS)

- Mast tilt lock & mast lowering interlock (ISO3691)

- Lever neutral position for start

- Seat belt and brake oil level indicators

- Thermal system protection (Drive / Pump systems)

- Blue spot LED (optional)

- Guardian Stability System (GSS / optional) 


5. Application Packages

- Cold Storage

- Fishery

- Beverage


6. Available Models

- Type ~ 4 Wheel Cushion Electric Truck

- Voltage ~ 36V / 48V

- Line-Up ~ BC20/25/30/32S-7, BC25SE-7


Production of the new BC-7 Series is underway now, and trucks should ship within the normal delivery time. Please order these new models moving forward.

We believe that the BC-7 Series Electric Cushion Trucks will provide further opportunity for the continued growth and success of your business.


Sincerely yours,

Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp.