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  • 7 Series Cushion/Pneumatic Electric Three Wheel

    3,000 lbs. - 4,000 lbs. Capacity

    Our 7 Series 3 wheel counter balance forklift trucks continue the Doosan tradition of delivering simple, powerful performance, at the best possible value for our customers.

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    Ease of Access Ensures Maximum Safety

    • Large step plate with an anti-slip pattern ensures firm footing even for large safety boots
    • Easy grip entry bar makes entering and exiting the machine safer
    • Large uncluttered floor plate with no trip hazards provide improved comfort and more leg room
    • Angled floor plate reduces strain on the ankles, and large pedals ensure maximum safety and ease of operation

    Rear Grab Handle

    Adds to safety, comfort and convenience when traveling in reverse.

    Optimum Visibility

    Designed with precision, the overhead guard profile with angled roof bars provides a clear view upwards while ensuring ultimate strength and safety.

    Unlimited Ramp Hold

    The Electro-magnetic Auto Parking Brake (EPB), prevents the forklift from rolling back if parked on slopes, allowing the operator to safely get out without braking.

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    Ergonomic Interior Design

    The steering column, full suspension comfort seat, armrest and even the optional headrest are all fully adjustable to accommodate any operators’ individual preferences.

    Easy to Control

    The all-new Finger-tip Controls: Optimal ergonomics giving optimal performance. These fast, precise and instinctive controllers make operating the new Doosan 7 Series effortless and efficient.

    Panoramic Mirror

    Provides the operator a clear view of the whole back & rear working area, improving work safety & efficiency

    Easy and Instinctive Instrument Panel

    Provides critical information instantly. Fuel, oil pressure, temperature and hour usage are well lit and clearly indicated.

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    Extended maintenance intervals and advanced technology componentry reduce the overall cost of maintenance.

    • Easy to Access Controller & Motors Room
    • Wide Open Battery Cover
    • Tool-Less Side Cover with Air Ventilation
    • Easy Diagnostic & Fine-Tune
    • Curtis controller, reliable stable operation. IP65 rated.
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    Extended Value

    Extended Value

    Maximized Productivity in Warehouse Applications

    Effective storage is the primary goal for many warehouse managers. Our 3 wheel models have steer axles that turn 90°, enabling the machines to maneuver with ease even in the tightest spaces.

    Outdoor Operations

    The Doosan 7 Series electric forklifts are waterproof and are safe for outdoor use. The sealed controllers are rated IP65 and the motors are rated IP43, with all related wiring & connectors being silicon-sealed.

    OE-Motor Foot Brake (EFB)

    The new 7-Series EFB replaces hydraulic brakes by utilizing the electric motor controller to stop the truck.

    • Uses less pedal force for decreased ankle fatigue
    • Simple brake structure reduces maintenance costs
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    7 Series Cushion/Pneumatic Electric Three Wheel

    Our 7 Series 3 wheel counter balance forklift trucks continue the Doosan tradition of delivering simple, powerful performance, at the best possible value for our customers.

    MODEL B15T-7 B18T-7 B20T-7
    RATED CAPACITY (lb) 3,000 3,500 4,000
    DRIVE MOTOR, 1 HR RATING (kW) 6.0 x 2 6.0 x 2 6.0 x 2
    LIFT MOTOR RATING AT 15% (kW) 14 14 14
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