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  • Say hello to a like-new Forklift with Doosan’s new Trade-In program.

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    Return your money pit to top-performing shape with Doosan certified refurbished forklifts.

    If you have an old forklift sitting around that does not work, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Doosan’s Trade-In program gives you improved leasing options and cash upfront to refurbish your old forklift. Each Doosan forklift refurbishment starts from scratch and works from the ground up. The equipment is thoroughly evaluated to assess its current value and determine what needs to be done to bring the unit up to “like new” condition.

    Our refurbished vehicles are thoroughly screened and held up to our demanding performance standards. To refurbish forklifts we:

    • Install new tires (if needed)
    • Repaint
    • Change fluids, filters, and drive motor brushes
    • Tune the engine
    • Service everything necessary

    All trucks and conditions are different, so contact one of our experts today to begin the trade-in process for your liquid propellant, diesel, or electric forklift.

    Certified Technicians

    Doosan Service Technicians are reliable and skilled in servicing and refurbing all makes and models of material handling equipment.

    Lease With Confidence

    DMHS leases offer industry-low rates and 5-year full-coverage and break warranties to ensure your “like new” forklift stays new.

    Like-New Condition

    Our refurb forklifts are inspected, cleaned, and refurbished to our strict specifications so your like-new forklift feels new.

    Start Your Trade-In Today!

    Doosan Material Handling Solutions is not just a forklift dealer; we are your local partner. The Trade-In program applies to all forklift make and models, so contact one of our experts today to discuss your forklift and schedule your FREE inspection.

    * Terms and conditions apply, Offer limited to Atlanta Regional Market. Offer expires 12/31/2022, subject to end without notice
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