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  • 7 Series IC Pneumatic

    40,000 lbs. - 55,000 lbs. Capacity

    A robust design and the heavy-duty build quality ensure that Doosan’s 7 series is tough enough for any application.

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    OSS (Operator Sensing System)

    • Truck will not move without an operator in the seat.
    • Lift and Lower function disabled if the operator is not in the seat.
    • Tilt function will be locked if no operator is in the seat. Alarm will sound if operator leaves the seat without applying parking brake.
    • Seat belt warning light on dashboard to remind operator to fasten seat belt.

    Anti Slip Step Plate

    Increase safety when operator enters the forklift especially in the snowy weather.

    LED Lights

    LED lighting provides greater visibility in dark conditions and lasts much longer than conventional light bulbs.

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    Comfort + Productivity

    The New Zeus Cabin provides the operator not only great comfort, but also higher productivity with it’s ergonomically design features. The quality of Cabin is guaranteed to be the best of Doosan.


    • Heater/Air Conditioner
    • Panoramic Mirror
    • CD / MP3 Player
    • Front & Rear View Camera
    • Defrost Fan
    • Rear Grab Bar with Horn
    • Siren & Microphone
    • Air Compressor
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    Power Tilt Cab

    The power tilt cab and the wide rear hood opening allow easy access to key drivetrain components.

    Easy Access to Steeraxle Grease Port

    The remote access grease port makes it easy to perform maintenance on the steeraxle.

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    Extended Value

    Extended Value

    Doosan 7.6 Liter Diesel Engine

    Doosan 7.6 liter Diesel Engine offers high power output and maximum torque, maintaining its best performance in the most challenging conditions for all kinds of applications.

    • Advanced fuel injection system
    • Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT)

    Aftertreatment System

    • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
    • Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) System

    Oil Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

    The enclosed brake system eliminates outside contamination, significantly extends brake life, and decreases maintenance costs. The ODB service interval is five times longer than conventional shoe brakes.

    Durable Steeraxle

    An I-beam steeraxle adds greater strength to turns and the tapered roller bearings increase rigidity, durability and stability of the machine.

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    7 Series IC Pneumatic

    A robust design and the heavy-duty build quality ensure that Doosan’s 7-series is tough enough for any application.

    MODEL DV180S-7 DV250S-7
    RATED CAPACITY (lb) 40,000 55,000
    MAX TORQUE (ft.lb/rpm) 853/1,300 911/1,300
    POWER (hp/rpm) 246.5/2,100 285.9(290)/2,100
    DISPLACEMENT (cc) 7,640 7,640
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