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    Looking to Order Genuine OEM Forklift Parts Near You? #DoosanDelivers!

    Keeping your electric forklift fleet up and running should not cost you an arm and a leg, and it should also not take months for your parts to arrive for needed repairs and maintenance. 

    Thankfully, we structured our parts and service divisions with you in mind. At Doosan, we do not want to lock you into a rigid service contract as our competitors do, only to penalize you if you cancel. We want you to have the flexibility to grow and change your service plan with your business. 

    Regardless of if you want us to handle all of your forklifts or reach truck’s routine maintenance, or if you’re going to swap out parts on your pallet jack yourself, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

    If you require genuine Doosan parts, contact an authorized Doosan dealer today! Our warehouse is located in the United States, so shipping times are faster than the competition every day of the week.

    Services we offer at all Authorized Doosan Dealer Locations

    Forklift & Reach Truck Service & Maintenance
    • Steer Wheel Bearings Reassembly

    • Forklift Drive Axel Oil Replacement

    • Fork Truck Drive & Pump Motor Repair

    • Order Pickers Battery Terminal Cleaning

    • Electric Forklifts PC Valve Replacement

    • Fork Lifts Cooling System Cleaning

    • Used Forklift Hydraulic Oil Replacement

    • Fork Lifts Cooling System Cleaning

    • Reach Trucks Air Intake System Replacement

    • Reach Truck Engine Oil & Filter Change

    Is your /forklift/ receiving proper service & maintenance?

    Is your forklift following its regularly scheduled maintenance plan? Every Doosan forklift comes with a Maintenance guide that lets you know what parts of your forklift should be checked & reviewed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. But here is the best part – you don’t have to keep track of your forklift maintenance! As a Doosan customer & member of our maintenance plan, your local forklift dealer will let you know when your forklift is due for its next routine service!

    Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential to making sure your forklift not only stands the test of time but also keeps working at optimal levels throughout its lifespan. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your reach truck and forklift fleets continue to work as hard as you do.

    Warehousing & Logistics Industries - Electric Forklift


    When you sign up for a Doosan service plan for your forklift, order picker, reach truck, or pallet truck, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment is in good hands. Your Doosan parts providers and service teams use Doosan Quality/OEM Parts and materials to repair your Doosan fork trucks.

    Forklift electric order pickers have daily, weekly, hourly, and monthly service plans that require constant diligence to maintain peak performance. When you invest in a Doosan forklift service plan, your fork lift fleet’s maintenance schedule will no longer be a cause for concern. Your local Doosan forklifts dealer will automatically reach out to you to remind you when necessary maintenance and repairs are due. Even better, a Doosan electric forklift service technician will come to your business to perform these repairs at a convenient time. No more worries about scheduling your service or arranging to transport your material handling equipment, lift trucks, or electric pallet jack for routine repairs. At Doosan, we deliver the complete customer service & maintenance experience on your schedule.

    Does Doosan repair used forklifts? Used forklifts sale repairs & service.

    At Doosan, we don’t mind if you have a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th hand Doosan forklift. We are just happy you have trusted us with your business. Regardless of the age or where you purchased your internal combustion or electric forklifts, we will be glad to service or repair your material handling equipment.

    Did you know your forklifts lease agreement may also include a maintenance plan? Doosan’s used and leased lift truck sales contracts sometimes include benefits such as an extended warranty or a service contract built-in. Make sure to check your pallet jack electric service plan or purchase agreement to see what extra help you can take advantage of for your stand-up forklift just for being a Doosan customer. Contact your local Doosan dealer today to schedule your next service appointment.

    The Doosan GC18S-9 3,500 forklift is perfect for lifting, hauling and moving about your farm.

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