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    Doosan Has the Best Quality Used Forklifts for Sale Near You

    Are you looking for used forklifts for sale business? Doosan Industrial Vehicles has the largest supply of used Forklifts and Used Lift Truck Parts available on the market. With our intense used truck inspections, you will never have to worry about purchasing lackluster lifting equipment ever again.

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    Why Buy a Used Fork Lift? Is a Used Lift Truck the Right Solution for My Business?

    Why Buy A Used Forklift: The Initial Cost of Purchase is Lower!

    Let’s not beat around the bush. The most common reason people are interested in purchasing a Used Lift Truck is the upfront cost. But keep in mind the cost of used forklifts can vary greatly depending on current market demand.

    Generally, you can expect to pay up to 75% of the original cost for a quality used forklift. Before purchasing a forklift from a third party, make sure to contact a Doosan Dealership to verify that you are paying a fair price for your used forklift.

    Used Forklifts are a Great Option if you Need to Run Less than 40 hrs./mo.

    Let’s be honest: not everyone needs to lift heaven and earth daily. If your business only needs to live and move pallets occasionally, then adopting a used forklift for your warehouse might be the perfect solution for your business needs.

    Also, keep in mind your workplace conditions. Smaller warehouses and mechanic shops are optimal sites for used lifting machines. A new forklift is a better fit for businesses that need to drive over rough terrain.

    What Should I Look Out For When Purchasing A Used Lift Truck?

    The hour meter is the quickest way to get an idea of how hard a fork lift has run during its life. The meter is used by the owner and service team to estimate when a lift truck is due for its routine service inspection. It is also the fastest way to determine how often you should plan on repairing your used forklift in the future.

    Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers can fib a bit regarding the hour meters of the lifts they are selling. For example, some lift trucks have hour meters that only record up to four digits. Theoretically, a forklift could have a meter that shows only 4,000 hours, but in reality, the meter has flipped over once, and the forklift has run for 14,000 hours!

    If You are Inspecting a Used Forklift for Sale, Check the Paint!

    Test driving is essential! If you can not purchase your lifting equipment from a Doosan Dealershipnever buy a forklift without taking a good, long look at the entire truck

    The 2nd quickest way to check for quality is to inspect the paint! Forklifts kept under a routine service contract and taken in for general service often receive touchups in any spaces where paint has cracked, so terribly chipped paint is a good indicator of a poorly maintained fork lift.

    If you have the option, take a mechanic along with you for your test drive. Have him listen to the hydraulics and the engine to check for clicks or rattling gears. Check the seals on all hoses for leaks or cracking around clamps.

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