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    Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

    doosan forklift installing a fish tank

    Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) is the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the United States.

    In 1994, Irwin Raymer moved from New York City to Las Vegas to build a home that would house a custom-built aquarium. During his search for the best aquarium company to complete his one-of-a-kind project, he met and hired Wayde King. It was this project that brought Wayde, Irwin, and Irwin’s son Brett Raymer together into their current venture – Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

    With such a unique company and effervescent owners, it was not long before ATM was featured on its own television show, Tanked. This increased their business substantially and diversified their customers.

    With business booming, ATM needed durable equipment to build their aquariums and work within their factory. They also needed reliable equipment since each job takes six to eight weeks on average.

    Before choosing Doosan, Wayde and Brett shopped around and visited over 10 different competitors. When asked how they felt about Doosan, they simply stated, “Unbelievable. The Best Thing Ever.” Since then, the company has always used Doosan trucks at their facility.

    ATM is not only happy with the product but with everything that comes with being a Doosan customer. They are appreciative of the time and energy Doosan places into building a relationship with them as well as going above and beyond to provide them with everything they need. ATM hopes this relationship continues to grow and they are excited about displaying additional Doosan products on their show. In the words of Wayde King, “If you don’t have a Doosan, you don’t have a forklift.”

    happy customers by a doosan forklift

    Matheus Lumber

    Matheus Lumber is a national wholesale lumber distributor servicing heavy construction, multi-family residential and commercial construction, government agencies and global export markets. Since 1932, Matheus Lumber has a long tradition of providing quality construction products and outstanding customer service to the North American building industry. They provide products not only throughout North America, but also to Japan, China and Australia. The company operates seven regional offices and supply yards in Washington, Idaho, Texas and Arizona.

    The Woodville, WA location of Matheus Lumber, in the Seattle metropolitan area, uses a fleet of Doosan D-70 and D160 forklifts to move an average of 80,000 lbs. of lumber every day. Josh Moore, Manager at Matheus Lumber prefers Doosan forklifts over other brands he has used. “Our Doosan forklifts are reliable and quiet. The oil cooled disc brakes are awesome, and the full glass windshield gives excellent visibility.”

    Matheus Lumber is a longtime Doosan customer, who began purchasing Doosan forklifts under the former Daewoo brand. These Daewoo forklifts are still operating today, which is a testament to the great durability of Doosan products. Ben Powell, President of Matheus Lumber, is happy to work with Doosan dealer, MidCo Forklift in Auburn, WA noting “We have bought Doosan lift trucks and parts from MidCo Forklift since 2008. They are attentive, knowledgeable and give us great service.”

    happy customer in a forklift

    North American Pipe & Steel

    happy customers by a doosan forklift

    North American Pipe & Steel (NAP Steel) is a leading distributor of carbon steel pipes in the Pacific Northwest United States and Canada.

    Since 1984, NAP Steel has been a preferred solution for steel pipe supply, offering structural tubing and pipe that is widely used in hand railing, machinery parts, agricultural equipment and steel structures. They are a top supplier of standard pipe, sprinkler pipes, machinery parts and piling pipe. NAP Steel is committed to providing the best customer service, delivering value, reliability and quality every time.

    NAP Steel’s Seattle facility, located in Auburn, WA, requires durable and dependable equipment built to function continuously for 18 hours a day. The windy, Pacific climate makes for a tough work environment. For years, NAP Steel has relied upon Doosan forklifts for their durability, value and comfort.

    “We move a lot of pipe,” says Brian Dent, Operations Manager at NAP Steel in Seattle, WA. He notes “The D160 forklifts are comfortable to get into, with operator controls in a place that is easy to manipulate. They are a huge testament to maneuverability.” Dent is a national forklift operator trainer, who is very impressed with the D160’s smooth mast head, power train and excellent visibility. In comparison to other forklift brands he has used in the past, Dent states that “Doosan D160 forklifts aggressively meet their productivity goals and get piping and steel moved much more quickly and efficiently.”

    NAP Steel’s Auburn location operates a fleet of D160’s and a D-70 that were ordered from MidCo Forklifts, a Doosan dealer located in Auburn, WA. MidCo Forklifts provided them with complete operator training and takes care of routine service and maintenance. “MidCo Forklifts is quick to respond to any issues and offers excellent service. Their service technicians are very personable and knowledgeable,” notes Brian Dent.

    RAYTEK Lighting, Signs & Electrical

    RAYTEK Lighting, Signs & Electrical specializes in all types of commercial and industrial lighting and signage for customers in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Founded in 2009 by Chris Perry and Ramon Jimenez, RAYTEK provides lighting maintenance for interior and exterior buildings and parking lots, sign installation and energy efficient lighting retrofits.

    With over twenty years of combined electrical, lighting and sign industry experience, as well as an L-11 Electrical Contractor’s License, RAYTEK maintains its dedication to customer service and quality work. Working with large retail chains and restaurants, including a recent signage job for over 35 coffee shops in the Phoenix area, RAYTEK needed a more effective solution to their material handling needs. The challenge of moving oversized crates full of light fixtures, signage and electrical materials between storage areas and company vehicles prompted the need for a reliable forklift.

    “We did our research, talking to six forklift manufacturers before deciding on Doosan,” says Perry. “We had an idea of what we wanted and we were looking for a supplier that would continue to support us. We immediately liked Doosan forklifts and Reliable Forklift Sales. Just like us, Reliable has a very strong focus on customer service and maintaining a good working relationship with its customers.” Perry worked with Vic Villont, Area Sales Manager at Reliable Forklift Sales, and selected the operator-friendly Doosan G25 lift truck. They added a side shifting fork positioner to handle various sized loads of signage and electrical materials. “Reliable Forklift Sales was incredibly helpful to us, loaning us a forklift to use before our new one arrived. They offer outstanding service and always make sure our Doosan is taken care of. We are very pleased with our new Doosan forklift and with Reliable Forklift Sales,” notes Chris Perry, Co-Owner, RAYTEK Lighting, Signs & Electrical.

    operating a forklift

    Preach Building Supply

    happy customer on a doosan forklift

    Preach Building Supply is a leading building materials resource, operating three locations in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Preach is a five-generation family operation that has been servicing contractors, architects and homeowners since 1972. Each of their locations stock a wide variety of building and masonry materials, concrete, landscape rock and stone, pavers, tile, flooring and more. They offer expert advice, fast and courteous service and prompt delivery to job-sites. Products can be viewed at their design showroom centers located at each of their locations.

    At Preach Building Supply, significant time is spent using lift trucks to transfer heavy materials. The forklifts load and unload everything from bricks and blocks to landscaping products. The prior forklift brands had several maintenance issues, which took a toll on their productivity. The company decided to replace their outdated forklifts. After meeting with Mark Prine, salesman at Reliable Forklift Sales of Phoenix, Preach chose Doosan forklifts.

    Kim Abberton, CFO of Preach Building Supply notes “I enjoyed working with Mark and the Reliable sales team.  Everyone was so accommodating. They helped us get our new Doosan G25 lift trucks immediately. I would highly recommend Reliable Forklift Sales and Doosan forklifts to anyone.”

    Robbie Mendez, Manager of Preach Building Supply, West Hatcher location in Phoenix, commented that: “Our Doosan forklifts are nice and durable. Our operators can tell a difference in their comfort and control and find that they are easier to use.”

    “We’ve been very impressed with Reliable Forklift Sales. Whenever we need service Reliable takes care of it immediately and will bring us a loaner forklift to keep us running. Based on my 30 years of building supply experience using forklifts, I would definitely recommend buying a Doosan from Reliable,” comments Robbie Mendez.

    ReCommunity Recycling

    doosan forklift at a recycle center

    ReCommunity Recycling is an industry leader, working with communities in 14 states to recycle resources destined for landfills. They convert recyclables into clean and efficient commodities, products and energy. Their goal is to preserve the environment, benefit the economy and promote recycling value awareness. ReCommunity Recycling’s River Plant in Scottsdale, AZ recycles plastics, paper and glass. One of five Arizona locations, the River Plant processes 29 tons per hour and over 560 tons a day. Operating ReCommunity Recycling’s River Plant requires durable and dependable equipment built to function continuously for 18 hours a day. Loose wires and broken glass are always present, making for a tough work environment. The other brands of forklifts they previously used would break down from lots of debris getting into their engine compartments and from bailing wires getting wrapped around the forklift tires. Those lift trucks also overheated, due to the small size of their radiators. ReCommunity Recycling needed new and better forklifts to keep their production on schedule, so they turned to Reliable Forklift Sales, an exclusive Doosan dealer in Phoenix, AZ.

    Understanding their customer’s needs, Reliable Forklift Sales custom designed new Doosan G35 forklifts with a longer length belly pan, extending from the front of the forklift all the way to the engine. The longer pan successfully prevents wire, glass and paper products from entering the engine compartment, which keeps the trucks operating properly. The new Doosan forklifts are also equipped with a larger radiator that keeps the trucks running in the extreme Arizona heat.  Vic Villont, Area Sales Manager at Reliable Forklift Sales noted “we help our customers in any way we can. In addition to the custom designed longer length belly pan, their forklifts included a shorter triple mast, transmission cooler, dual filters and an extended warranty.”

    Customer service is #1 at Reliable Forklift Sales. “If I need service, Reliable is here at my plant within an hour. Reliable understands how important it is for us to keep our forklifts moving and they always take care of us, bringing us a replacement forklift if necessary. I would recommend Reliable Forklift Sales and Doosan forklifts,” notes Michael Mead, Ops/Maintenance Supervisor, ReCommunity Recycling.

    doosan forklift hauling recycling

    Greentek Recycling Solutions

    Greentek Recycling Solutions of Charlotte, North Carolina provides various environmentally responsible recycling solutions for computers and other electronics. Greentek makes recycling easy with a variety of programs, convenient drop-off locations, pick-up services and secure data destruction.

    Ethan Gilbert, founder of Greentek Recycling Solutions, is a fifth-generation recycler with an extensive background in recycling metals and operating recycling facilities. Gilbert says the biggest issue he faces daily is conveying “the importance of earth protection in a throw-away community.” Since its foundation, Greentek has developed a cost-effective, productive way to move and store recycled electronics, plastics, metals, batteries and more.

    Gilbert worked closely with Atlantic Forklift Services, an exclusive Doosan dealer in Charlotte, to select the right lift truck to suit Greentek’s needs and the company’s long-term vision of growth. He chose the Doosan GC25 for its high power, fuel efficiency, and economical benefits.

    “The GC25 has improved our productivity and allowed us to free up additional storage space needed to support our growing business,” explains the young entrepreneur.

    Gilbert highly praises Atlantic Forklift Services by noting how timely and responsive they are: “We appreciate the quality customer service from Atlantic Forklift Services and Robert Scott, our account representative. Robert has done a great job to make sure we are taken care of and our routine maintenance is scheduled on-time.” With their material handling needs met, Greentek is now poised to thrive in this dynamic and growing industry.

    doosan forklift in action hauling furniture

    Nordic Cold Storage

    doosan foklift operating in harsh conditions

    Ranked as one of the nation’s Top Ten Frozen Warehouse Companies by the IARW (Internal Associated Refrigerated Warehouses), Nordic Cold Storage is a multi-region cold chain provider of temperature-controlled storage. Known as “the cold chain specialist”, Nordic supplies a variety of frozen storage, transportation and logistics solutions to manufacturers, retailers and food service operators. The Nordic network contains over 32 million cubic feet of space covering most major markets in the southeast. In business for over 50 years, Nordic’s services include rail service and cross docking, blast freezing, consolidation programs, fulfillment services and transportation services.

    “I’m happy with Doosan. I like that Doosan forklifts are smaller and more maneuverable in tight spaces, plus they are more durable.” Chris Gautier, Warehouse Manager Nordic Cold Storage, Goldsboro, NC

    Lift trucks are continuously being used to pick and move orders. Gautier says “the Doosan trucks that he gets from Mobilift’s Cape Fear Lift Trucks deliver as promised. Joe Capps of Cape Fear Lift Trucks is top notch. I can’t say enough good things about him and Mobilift.”

    Operating in temperatures that are –5 to –30 degrees Fahrenheit, Nordic relies on a forklift that is durable enough to withstand the environment. “The most important thing I look for in a forklift is durability,” comments Chris Gautier. Gautier also prefers Doosan’s B20T 3-wheel quad mast truck, because it’s better for tighter aisles and tall racks. He adds, “Doosan’s machines just last longer.”

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