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  • D45S-9 > 9 Series IC Pneumatic Doosan Forklift

    8,000 lb. - 12,000 lb. Capacity

    Expanding upon Doosan’s tradition of delivering reliable, powerful performance, these trucks offer the best possible value. Doosan provides increased productivity, improved comfort and some of the lowest overall costs of ownership of any competitive forklifts on the market.

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    Modern Safety Features

    The 9 Series Diesel forklifts have advanced safety systems in place to protect your most valuable asset: your people. Multiple systems safeguard your investment.

    • Guardian Stability System (GSS)

    • Operator Sensing System (OSS)

    • Superior Visibility through these improvements:

    – Optimized Mast Design

    – Lowered Dashboard

    – Redesigned Overhead Guard (Bar Type)

    • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

    • Programmable Speed Limit (Forward & Reverse)

    • Two-Speed Powershift Transmission

    • Two Oversized Entry Grab Bars

    • Secure Anti-Skid Step Plate

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    Modern Safety Features

    Superb Ergonomics

    Superb Ergonomics

    The ergonomic compartment design keeps the Operator in complete control at all times, improving productivity while reducing stress and fatigue.

    • Seat-Side Hydraulic Levers

    • Low Effort Foot Pedal

    • Smaller Steering Wheel w/ Turning Knob

    • Telescopic and Tilting Steering Column

    • Spacious Legroom

    • Increased Headroom

    • Recessed Tilt Cylinders

    • High Comfort Seat

    • Full Color LCD Display

    • Convenience Tray

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    Productivity & Durability

    Doosans 9 Series Diesels set the standard for durability in Diesel Truck applications.

    • Powerful 3.4L Doosan D34 Engine

    • Quiet Running Tier-4 Final Diesel Engine

    • 3 Performance Modes (ECO/STD/HIGH)

    • Enhanced Cooling Capacity

    • IP65 Rated Dust/Waterproof Connectors

    • Electronic Inching

    • LED Combination Lamps

    • Transmission Control Unit (TCU)

    • Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

    • Shift ProTek Hot Shift Protection

    • Mast Tilt Indicator

    • Optional Full Floating Cabin

    • Optional Special Application Packages

    – Anti-Dust

    – Foundry

    – Anti-Corrosion

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    Productivity & Durability

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO )

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO )

    Operating the 9 Series for 5 years can save you 82% (Over $7,000) versus competitive models!

    • Optimized Planned Maintenance Intervals

    – Transmission Oil – Was 1,000, Now 2,000 hrs.

    – Drive Axle Oil – Was 1,000, Now 2,000 hrs.

    – Engine Oil – Was 500, Now 1,000 hrs.

    • Planned Maintenance Notifications

    • Onboard Diagnostics

    • Tool Free Access Panels

    • 70° Wide Opening Engine Cover

    • Easy Access to Maintenance Points

    • Dual Element Air Cleaner

    * Total cost of ownership savings will vary by application and hours used.

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    D45S-9 > 9 Series IC Pneumatic Doosan Forklift

    LOAD CAPACITYlb8,0009,00010,00011,00012,000
    LOAD CENTERIn2424242424
    HEIGHT (MAST LOWERED )In87.687.887.887.887.8
    HEIGHT ( MAST EXTENDED )In167.9168.1174.0176.0176.0
    HEIGHT OF OVERHEAD GUARD/CABINIn87.687.887.887.887.8
    OVERALL LENGTHIn163.8165.4176.4178.4179.5
    LENGTH OF FORKFACEIn116.3118.1128.4129.9131.5
    OVERALL WIDTHIn53.957.357.357.357.3
    TURNING RADIUSIn108.5110.2112.2113.0114.2

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