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  • 7 Series IC Pneumatic

    13,500 lbs. - 15,500 lbs. Capacity

    Robust chassis design and heavy duty build quality ensure Doosan’s 7-series is tough enough for any application.

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    OSS (Operator Sensing System)

    • Truck will not move without an operator in the seat.
    • Lift and Lower function disabled if the operator is not in the seat.
    • Tilt function will be locked if no operator is in the seat. Alarm will sound if operator leaves the seat without applying parking brake.
    • Seat belt warning light on dashboard to remind operator to fasten seat belt.

    Locking type gas spring for Hood

    Improve operator’s safety and convenience with locking function.

    Anti Slip Step Plate

    Increase safety when operator enters the forklift especially in the snowy weather.

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    New Zeus Cabin, Great Comfort and Productivity

    New Zeus Cabin provides to operator not only great comfort but also higher productivity with ergonomically design features.

    Spacious Leg Room and Operator Comfort

    The neat and wide-open floorboard provides operator with plenty of foot room to make entry and exit a breeze.

    Various Options

    • Heater / Air Conditioner
    • Panoramic Mirror
    • Radio or MP3 Player
    • Rear View Camera
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    Easy to access

    Possible to check transmission oil easily through the window located under the seat box. Easy to check the Engine diagnostic.

    Integrated Electrical Components

    Wide hood opening range for best accessibility. Great location of fuel filter for serviceability.


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    Extended Value

    Extended Value

    Oil- Cooled Disc Brakes(ODB)

    Recommended for applications in humid, abrasive or corrosive environments, or with ramp, loading and unloading applications.

    PSI 4.3L (133HP)

    The well known, proven PSI 4.3L LP gas engine has excellent durability. Low noise and minimal vibration features add to operators comfort.

    Full Floating Drive Axle

    Strong one-piece cast housing keeps axle components aligned.

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    7 Series IC Pneumatic

    Robust chassis design and heavy duty build quality ensure Doosan’s 7-series is tough enough for any application.

    MODEL G60S-7 G70S-7
    RATED CAPACITY (lb) 13,500 15,500
    MAX TORQUE (ft.lb/rpm) 283.9/1,800 283.9/1,800
    POWER (hp/rpm) 93.8/2,500 93.8/2,500
    DISPLACEMENT (cc) 4,294 4,294
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