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    Forklift Battery Safety & Savings

    By: Jane Wu



    Your forklift battery is the powerhouse of your electric forklift. On average, with proper care and maintenance, a forklift battery lasts about 5 to 7 years. To safely get the most out of your forklift battery, check out the 8 recommendations below.

    1. Dress appropriately for handling batteries  

    Because forklift batteries are made from corrosive chemicals that can burn your eyes and skin, make sure to be dressed appropriately when handling batteries. Make sure to wear safety googles, rubber gloves, steel-toed boots, and an apron. Do not wear metallic jewelry.

    2. Use the right handling equipment for moving batteries.

    Forklift batteries are heavy. Smaller batteries can weigh 100-200lbs, but larger ones can weigh as much as 3,000lb. So, always use the appropriate handling equipment such as a battery lifting beam when lifting or moving batteries. Also, always make sure that the battery is properly secured before lifting or moving.

    3. Handle and charge batteries in a designated area.

    Having a designated area for handling and charging batteries is an OSHA-recommended best practice. When you charge your forklift battery, potentially flammable gases may be emitted. Having a designated, well-ventilated area prevents gas build-up. This designated area should also have eyewash and shower stations in the event of acid splashes and exposure.

    4. Perform battery inspections and maintenance.

    Batteries need to be inspected as a part of your daily OSHA-required forklift inspections. When inspecting your forklift battery, be sure to check your fluid levels. Make sure that the charging cables are intact, insulated, and connected. Look for cracks in the battery casing and for crystallization and corrosion. The battery’s contact posts should be clean.

    5. Charge your batteries properly.

    Properly charging your forklift battery is the best way to extend the life of your battery. A battery has a limited number of charge cycles in it, usually about 1,500 charges. Take care not to opportunity charge your battery. Flooded batteries should have 8 hours of run time, 8 hours of charge time, and 8 hours of cool-down time. If your operations require opportunity charging, see your battery supplier for the appropriate battery and charger combination for this type of charging capability.

    To properly charge your battery, follow the below tips:

      • Make sure that your battery and your battery charger are compatible.
      • Be sure that the charger is off before connecting or disconnecting your battery.
      • Charge your battery when it hits 20% charge remaining. Do not charge the battery before it hits this red zone.
      • Always charge your battery completely. Partially charging your battery will count against your battery’s total number of charge cycles. Never interrupt a charging flooded type battery! (Unless you have an opportunity charger and battery combination.)
      • Avoid extreme temperatures when charging your battery. Charging and operating your battery in extreme temperatures will greatly reduce your battery’s life.
      • Allow your battery to cool down after charging. If you have a flooded or wet cell battery, you can follow the battery cycle of 8 hours charging, 8 hours cooling down, and 8 hours of working.

    Battery Cycle of a Flooded/Wet Celled Battery

    6. Check and maintain your battery’s fluid level.

    As you use and charge your forklift battery, the fluid level of your battery decreases. That is why you should check the fluid level of your battery daily. You should add deionized or distilled water to your battery about every five to ten charges. Fill the cell with just enough water to cover the battery plate, usually about ¼” over the plate. Always add this water after charging, but never before charging. Also, do not overfill your battery because the water needs room to expand when the battery is in use.

    7. Equalize your battery regularly.

    Flooded, or wet cell, batteries need to be equalized on a regular basis. Over time, the water and acid in your battery become stratified. When this happens, your battery will not hold a charge well. By equalizing your battery, the electrolyte concentrate is rebalanced, and any buildup of sulfate crystals on the battery plate gets removed. Be sure to use a battery charger that has an equalizing setting.

    8. Clean your battery regularly.

    The top of your forklift battery needs to be cleaned regularly with battery cleaner or warm water regularly. Doing so is not only good maintenance practice; it can also help you maintain your battery’s manufacturer’s warranty. Also, cleaning can help you avoid battery build-up which can lead to tray corrosion and faster self-discharge.

    Taking care of your forklift battery is greatly beneficial for your forklift and for your business’s bottom line. If you have any questions about battery care and maintenance, please contact your local Doosan dealer.

    5 Reasons Why Forklift Maintenance Is Beneficial To Your Business

    By: Jane Wu



    Forklifts, like everything else, get worn and torn over time – they need occasional TLC. Without proper care, they will break down more quickly and more easily. They can even become safety hazards causing injury and death! Neglected forklifts cost your business time, money, and manpower. The way to avoid all that is to make sure your forklifts are scheduled for routine maintenance checks.

    Performing regular maintenance on your fleet’s forklifts is a great way to protect your investment and your business. It will produce long-term benefits that your operators and your bottom line will thank you for.

    Here are the 5 reasons why keeping your forklifts in tip-top condition is beneficial to your business:

    1. Increased Productivity and Service Life

    Performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your forklifts is a proactive way to increase their expected service life. Longer uptime in operation provides increased productivity out of your forklift fleet. And more productivity means a higher return on investment (ROI). Also, when your fleet’s forklifts have a longer service life, you will replace them less often, saving you thousands.

    2. Eliminate Expensive Unexpected Repairs

    When your fleet is not regularly inspected and maintained, breakdown is more likely to occur. Such downtime can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per minute. By regularly maintaining your fleet, you can find problems and fix them before they turn into a costly repair. Doing so also decreases the risk of failures and emergency repairs. In other words, well-maintained forklifts reduce downtime. And this saves you money!

    3. Keep Your Forklifts Within Warranty

    Each forklift has a recommended maintenance schedule set forth by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This recommended maintenance schedule is to help your fleet stay within the OEM’s warranty. Whether you are a dealer or an end-user, you are held to the same OEM standard to register your forklifts and keep warranties up to date. The maintenance schedule differs depending on several factors such as fuel type, type of operation, hours of usage. For the specific forklifts in your fleet, please refer to the Operator’s Manual for the appropriate service intervals.

    4. Higher Resale Value

    Like with cars, a forklift’s value depreciates over time because of wear and tear. But if you are diligent about maintenance and keep your fleet’s forklifts compliant with the OEM warranty, the value doesn’t depreciate as quickly. This means you will be able to recover more of your initial investment when you sell or trade in your forklift(s).

    5. Safety, Safety, Safety

    At the end of the day, everything we do has to be about safety. Every workplace has a responsibility to its employees to keep them safe. By simply maintaining your forklifts, you can identify potential safety issues before they become serious safety hazards. Doing so can keep the forklifts your employees use daily in the best working condition. Learn more about how to optimize forklift safety at your workplace here.

    Here at DIVAC, we pride ourselves in providing world-class support to our dealers and end-users. Our product service department currently offers virtual service training to our dealers and their service technicians. You can get your forklift maintenance performed by a trained and certified service technician at any of our 225 dealer locations. Additionally, any serious issues found during your maintenance visit are fed into our live worldwide service feedback loop so that issues resolved quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions regarding our warranty or about our dealer service technician training, please contact your local dealer.

    OSHA Implements New National Emphasis Program (NEP) Regarding COVID-19

    By: Jane Wu



    On March 12, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released its new COVID-19 National Emphasis Program (NEP). This new directive aims to ensure that workers in high-hazard industries are protected from the risk of contracting COVID-19. OSHA plans to achieve this through inspection targeting, outreach, and compliance assistance. Ultimately, the goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate COVID-19 exposure in the workplace.

    To accomplish this goal, OSHA set out two plans of action:

    1. OSHA developed two Master Lists of specific industries that will be targeted for programmed inspections with the highest priority given to the healthcare industry. Other targeted industries include, but are not limited to:
      • Food and beverage manufacturing
      • Plastic and rubber manufacturing
      • Metal manufacturing
      • Meat processing

    The Master Lists can be found here and here.

    Unprogrammed inspections are also a part of this plan of action. These inspections prioritize facilities that have recorded COVID-19-related fatalities or multiple hospitalizations due to COIVD-19 exposure and facilities where workers have alleged exposure to COVID-19-related hazards. This NEP also establishes protocol for follow-up inspections of facilities that have already been inspected due to a COVID-19 hazard.

    1. OSHA is increasing focus to prevent retaliation against workers who voice concerns by increasing outreach programs and distributing anti-retaliation materials during inspections. All allegations of retaliation will be referred to the Whistleblower Protection Program.

    This NEP enhances OSHA’s previous coronavirus enforcement efforts. It is effective for up to a year starting March 12, 2021, and a review within six months. While states are not required to adopt this NEP, OSHA strongly encourages them to do so. State plans must notify OSHA of their intention regarding the NEP within 60 days of its issuance.

    Despite each state implementing its own COVID-19 standards, employers should review and familiarize themselves with the NEP to determine if they may be targeted for a CaOVID-19-related inspection. Whether they are on the targeted lists or not, employers should ensure that they’ve implemented all applicable safety measures in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

    The DIVAC Standard

    Doosan operator wearing a mask during COVID-19At DIVAC, we are committed to upholding OSHA’s safety guidelines, especially those related to COVID-19. In keeping with those COVID-19 guidelines, we have implemented strict safety and cleaning protocols in place in our offices and our warehouse.

    Everyone at Doosan wears masks; if someone doesn’t have a mask, one is provided for them. Employees are required to check their temperature and sanitize their hands when they enter the building. All our warehouse employees are supplied with hand sanitizer for their forklifts and gloves. The forklifts are sprayed down before and after each shift as well. All workstations are spaced out 6 feet apart or more, sanitized, and cleaned regularly. Employees are also instructed to social distance and to follow occupancy limits in all enclosed areas within the office such as conference rooms, break rooms, etc. There is a large-scale spray down of the entire facility every Friday, as well.

    We’re committed to adhering to the highest health and safety protocols because we believe in keeping our employees, our dealers and by extension our customers safe. If you have questions about how we are adapting to this COVID-19 climate, we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.



    Sourcewell: The Easier Way to Buy

    By: Conner Cameron



    If you are a government or education entity, or a nonprofit organization, there is now an easier way for you to purchase products, equipment, and contract services – Sourcewell.

    What is Sourcewell?

    Sourcewell is a self-sustaining public government agency based in Minnesota that offers competitively solicited purchasing contracts for products, services, and equipment to its member agencies. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger in the solicitation process!

    With Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program, the procurement process is streamlined. The procurement team takes care of the entire competitive solicitation process by carefully and rigorously vetting each contracted vendor through an 8-step solicitation process. All you need to do is find a contracted vendor you like, obtain a quote, and finalize the sale.

    How Purchasing through Sourcewell Works

    What does this mean?

    When you become a Sourcewell member agency, you are harnessing the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. You also have a list of over 400 awarded supplier contracts in a wide variety of industries to choose from. Also, you will save time in the purchasing process and get a good price.

    I’m interested. What now?

    To participate in Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing program, you must first become a member. Becoming a member is easy. There is no cost, no obligation, and no liability. Membership is available to all government entities, public and private K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Registration is also quick and easy. Simply visit the website, and fill out the online registration form. Once your registration is complete, you will receive your official Sourcewell account number. This account number will allow you to quickly make a purchase on any Sourcewell awarded contract.

    To check if you’re already a member agency, visit the member directory.

    As a member, you can reach out to one of the hundreds of awarded world-class vendors. Each vendor has contracted pricing just for member agencies. Just give your account number to the supplier, and you will get your special contract pricing. It’s that easy!

    DIVAC and Sourcewell

    Doosan's Sourcewell Contract Number

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. has been a Sourcewell contracted vendor since 2016. Our partnership extends to our over 90 independent authorized and trained dealers. You can use your Sourcewell account number at any of our over 200 sales and service locations throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. As a Sourcewell member agency, you will also have access to our entire industrial vehicle product line. This includes 142 separate models of 82 various engine/battery configurations of International Combustion and Electric-Powered vehicles with capacities ranging from 3,000lb to 55,000lb.

    For more information about Sourcewell, or if you would like to place an order with us, you can visit our Sourcewell page, or you can contact Conner Cameron via email at conner.cameron@doosan.com or by phone at 678.745.2249.



    DIVAC Receives the 2019 Doosan Credo Award

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC) is the proud recipient of the 2019 Doosan Credo Award. This highly regarded honor is presented by the Korean-based corporation to the business group that shows outstanding achievement and growth while representing the aspiration and values of Doosan.

    The Doosan Credo is a set of principles that represent Doosan’s unique way of doing business and include:

    • Cultivating People
    • Supporting Customers
    • Social Responsibility
    • Integrity and Transparency
    • World-class Technology and Innovation
    • Safety and Environment
    Doosan Credo Award 2017

    Throwback: Tony Jones, CEO of DIVAC, accepts 2017 Doosan Credo Award

    “It is through our philosophy of putting people first and constantly adapting that we continue to grow in North America. DIVAC employees embody ‘The Doosan Way’ and have made it possible for us to serve our customers, offering innovating products, programs and assistance, especially during these unique times,” Tony Jones, CEO of Doosan Industrial Vehicle America stated. “We have received this award because of our strong partnerships and the success of our Dealers to deliver top notch warehousing and forklift products,” he continued.

    These principles have been the foundation of Doosan’s success for the past century and will continue to drive the motivation to build businesses through the power of their people.


    About Doosan:

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. Doosan Industrial Vehicle America’s headquarters is located in Buford, Georgia. With a presence in 89 countries, we provide 179 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. Doosan offers comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.





    DIVAC Names 2019 Dealer of the Year

    Tenacity, innovation, and cultivating people are just a few Doosan Credo attributes this dealership embodies. Doosan proudly recognizes Wisconsin Lift Truck as its 2019 Dealer of the Year. “We are very proud to be named Dealer of the Year by Doosan. On both sides of this relationship, we have worked hard at building a presence in the market for Doosan’s quality product line,” explains Ross Jeremiah, Executive Vice President for Wolter Group LLC.

    Wisconsin Lift Truck has been a Doosan dealer for over 10 years. “Their dedication to Doosan and commitment to excellence by all of Wisconsin Lift Truck’s people puts them above most in the material handling business,”  Jim Schaub, Midwest Regional Business Manager of Doosan Industrial Vehicle stated.

    “It has been impressive what Doosan has accomplished over the past couple of years. Between the redesign and launch of new products, in many ways, Doosan made exceeding sales goals ease.” Ross continues, ”Thank you to Doosan and the Wisconsin Lift Truck team for providing excellent support and products to our customers.”

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. With a presence in 89 countries, we provide 179 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. Doosan offers comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.

    Doosan Recognizes 2019 Award Dealers

    2019 was a record year for Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC). We reached new heights, strengthened relationships, and worked tirelessly to bring new products to market, while growing our presence in North America. This could not be possible without a solid network of dedicated dealers.

    We proudly congratulate the following award recipients for their outstanding efforts and commitment to Doosan as top performers in 2019. We also celebrate the unwavering efforts of all Doosan Dealers that have made 2019 another record year.

    Doosan Dealer of the Year:

    Dealer of the Year

    Doosan Summit & Diamond Award Winners:

    Summit & Diamond Awards

    Doosan Platinum Award Winners:

    Platinum Award Winners

    Doosan Eastern Parts Region Winners:

    Eastern Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Midwest Parts Region Winners:

    Midwestern Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Southern Parts Region Winners:

    Southern Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Western Parts Region Winners:

    Western Region Parts Winners

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment with more than 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. With a presence in 89 countries, we provide 179 different product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities. Doosan offers comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.

    Doosan Offers No Payments for 180 Days!


    Durable. Dependable. Doosan.

    No Payments for 180 Days

    Doosan lifts your business to even greater heights for 180 days! Act by August 31, 2020 and see no payments on forklifts up to 12,000 lb. capacity until 2021!

    And you can depend on Doosan to do even more. Protect your new forklift with our Carriage to Counterweight Warranty for 5 years/ 10,000 hours. This offer is available for all Fair Market Value or $1 Option Leases, up to 64 months leases at 4.25% APR!

    By choosing Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation (DIVAC), your material handling needs are fully covered with a network of 90 dealers and approximately 200 locations in North America, providing outstanding customer service and product support. With a strong parts distribution system, over 24,000 different SKU’s with a 98% fill rate, you can count on Doosan as your True Partner.

    Find a Dealer near you: https://www.doosanlift.com/dealer-locator/

    Forklift Activity Pages

    This month is unlike any other that we have ever experienced in our lifetime. We are all under crazy amounts of stress and trying to stay healthy. During this time, let’s all take a moment to reflect on what is important, in business and in life.

    Your work is essential, but so is family! Keeping little hands busy while you are keeping the supply chain lifting is important. We hope these coloring pages will present a fun activity for your kids this week! Please share photos of their masterpieces with us by tagging @DoosanAmerica on social media and we will send you a 3-D Puzzle!

    Cabin Fever Coloring Page

    cabin fever coloring page

    Stand Up Rider Coloring Page

    Stand Up Rider Coloring Page

    D180 Coloring Pagecoloring page of forklift


    Warehouse Coloring Page

    Doosan Women in Industry Mascot

    Warehouse Coloring Page #2

    Doosan Adds Another Power Hitter to the Team

    Jerry Dolan Head ShotDoosan Industrial Vehicle America Corporation is excited to announce Jerry Dolan as the new Aftermarket Parts Manager for the Western Region. In his role, Jerry will develop and implement strategies for growing dealers’ parts businesses, supporting Doosan’s 98% fill rate.

    With nearly 25 years of experience, Jerry started as a Service Technician at Clarklift of Washington and Alaska, working his way up to General Manager of Western Washington and Corporate Operations Manager at Mid Columbia Forklift, a certified Doosan Dealer. “The addition of Jerry Dolan to our Parts Sales team will be a tremendous asset, as we position ourselves for continued growth,” Trena Harris, General Manger of Human Resources stated. “We seek to hire the best and brightest in the industry and Jerry’s limitless aspiration speaks to just one of the qualities that makes our Doosan employees world-class!”


    Doosan Industrial Vehicle is a global manufacturer of quality forklifts and warehouse equipment celebrating over 50 years’ experience creating award-winning forklifts. With a presence in more than 89 countries, we offer 63 product families and 179 product models ranging from 3,000 lb. to 55,000 lb. capacities, providing comprehensive solutions for your material handling needs.


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