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  • Rough Terrain Material Handling: Forklifts

    Rough Terrain Material Handling: Forklifts

    Rough terrain & All-Terrain Forklifts

    What are rough terrain forklifts? 

    If you have not heard the phrase rough terrain forklift, perhaps you have heard the term all-terrain forklifts! These robust material handling behemoths have been optimized from the top down with rugged conditions in mind!

    All-terrain forklifts are easy to spot thanks to their massive pneumatic tires and larger-than-average form factors. These material handling bad boys can traverse rocky terrain & muddy paths with ease while retaining all of the maneuverability and lifting power you have come to expect from the Doosan electrics forklift line. These bad boys are made to handle even heavier loads than most forklifts, with a load capacity often topping out at over 40,000 libs!

    Why would I need a rough terrain forklift?

    Sometimes you need a little more versatility and maneuverability than a tractor, and that is quite all right! A forklift trumps a tractor or other material handling equipment when maneuverability and verticle lifting power is critical to complete your job. Check out our Pneumatic trucks to see if there is an all-terrain forklift or reach truck that would be the perfect fit for your worksite!

    Construction sites are crammed full of materials and people, so having a material handling solution that can stop, turn and go on a dime is imperative to site safety. Ground clearance is also an important factor when dealing with material handling solutions on uneven terrains; Doosan dealers have the best selection of used electric forklifts inventory in the united states. 

    Common uses for rough terrain forklifts.

    Many different industries can benefit from the use of a rough terrain forklift. Thanks to the numerous attachments available, farming and agricultural sectors have found all-terrain forklifts to be a perfect fit for many farms across the united states. Timber and construction sites have also benefited by exchanging aging tractors. 

    The majority of rough terrain forklifts fall into the diesel, gasoline, or even propane category; however, Doosan’s forklift electric line has a few battery-powered contenders to throw into the mix as well. 

    Where can I find used rough terrain forklifts for sale near me?

    Doosan Material Handling Solutions Atlanta and Doosan Material Handling Solution’s Southern California office have the largest selection of used all-terrain forklifts available for sale in the United States. Moreover, we will offer you top dollar on your forklift trade-in to help you purchase your new rough terrain forklift! Contact a Doosan forklifts dealer today and let us help you lift your business off the ground!

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