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  • Doosan Celebrates 50 Years of Forklift Business

    Doosan Celebrates 50 Years of Forklift Business

    Doosan Industrial Vehicle’s 50th Anniversary

    Starting with the manufacture of its first forklift in 1968, Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV) established its position as a part of Doosan family in 2005 and has expanded its global sales network with more than 400 dealers in 93 countries worldwide.

    Over the past 50 years, DIV has developed state-of-the-art products and provided exceptional after-sales service as part of its strategy to recognize the Doosan lift truck as the world’s leading forklift brand. Partnerships with Major League Baseball™ and the New York Yankees™ further cements this tradition of excellence in the industry and across the globe.

    By providing award-winning products with a focus on superior customer service, Doosan continues to raise the bar and its profile in the industry, which extends to its Doosan Dealer family. DIV promotes shared growth with dealers and suppliers to strengthen global competitiveness. Becoming a Doosan Dealer is a distinction steeped in tradition, shared values and long-standing relationships. “Our people make us who we are. We are part of a community of caring, positive change and progress,” stated Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. VP/CEO, Tony Jones.

    “When asked ‘what kind of company is Doosan,’ the answer is steadfast. We are a company renowned for our unique devotion to cultivating people.” Doosan Credo

    The Doosan Way is the company’s unique way of doing business that has sustained the company for more than ten decades and has given them a competitive edge for the future. It is the spirit flowing through their people and the innovation that drives their products to build a better future today.


    About Doosan: Doosan is Korea’s oldest business organization with a proud history of 122 years. As the world’s leading Infrastructure Support Business (ISB) provider, Doosan delivers the basics necessary for improving the quality of people’s lives. Doosan’s history represents a story of dynamic change and growth. Founded in 1896 as Korea’s first modern retail business (known then as Park Seung-jik Store), Doosan has established itself as a world-class ISB provider. With about 40,000 employees in 38 countries, Doosan now operates 25 affiliates and 121 global entities. Doosan is present in every area of the infrastructure support business, which encompasses energy development, industrial facilities, parts and machinery, heavy equipment, construction, civil engineering, transportation and other value-added areas.

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