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    Cool Timeline

    Korea Machinery Co. Ltd. Imports

    Korea Machinery Co. Ltd. Imports

    Initially sales-focused on state-run corporations, large businesses, and armed forces, Korea Machinery Co. Ltd. began to import assembled forklifts.

    Korea Machinery Co. Ltd.

    There was a growing need for expanding the industrial machinery imports in Korea. Korea Machinery Co. Ltd. began to import assembled forklifts.


    Domestic Forklift Operations

    Korea Machinery Co. Ltd. supported 90% of Korea’s domestic forklift operation.


    Service & Sell Equipment

    The Forklift division of Korea Machinery opened business outlets throughout Korea to service and sell equipment.


    Electric Forklift Production

    Began Electric forklift production.

    Forklift Production

    The first production plant of forklifts opened its doors in Korea.


    Expand to US Market

    Era of growth allowed the Forklifts group to joint-venture into the US market of material handling.


    Caterpiller Contract

    OEM Contract with Caterpillar


    Production Expanded

    The production plant expanded! This helped establish the Forklift’s group foundation for the manufacturing of high-added value products for export.


    Worldwide Sales

    The company established a worldwide sales network.

    Expand Overseas

    The company then acquired certifications from UL of the USA, CE of Europe, and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, promoting expansion into overseas markets.

    FLTA Diamond Award

    FLTA Diamond Award

      Rewarded FLTA Diamond Award for Safety Excellence

    North America Distribution

    Industrial vehicle NA Distribution Center opens.

    Exports of 100,000 Forklifts

    ISO 9001/14001 Certifications Reached exports of 100,000 forklifts


    Proprietary Model Development

    The Forklifts group developed proprietary models starting with the G5 series (4,000 – 6,500 lb internal combustion trucks). A 3-year research and development program resulted in the development of core technologies for engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems.


    G5 Series

    G5 Series Launch


    Acquire Daewoo

    Acquire Daewoo

    Doosan Corp. acquires Daewoo.


    Sales break 300,000

    Unit sales break 300,000 barrier


    FLTA Award

    FLTA Award

    FLTA Award for Safety Excellence

    Pro-5 Series

    Pro-5 Series

    Pro-5 Series Launch


    BW Series

    BW Series

    BW Series North American Launch


    G2 Series

    G2 Series

    Productivity Series G2 Engines Launched

    BW Series

    Expansion of the BW Series


    DV250 & BC Series

    DV250 & BC Series

    DV250 & BC Series launched

    Pin Up Design Award

    Pin Up Design Award

    Awarded Bronze Prize at Pin Up Design Award


    G25N 7-Series

    G25N 7-Series

    G25N-7 Series Launched

    Today, the Doosan Forklifts group continues to improve operator comfort and environmental friendliness, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction. Doosan Industrial Vehicle has established sales corporations and parts supply bases in USA, United Kingdom, Belgium and China. We have also developed a dealer distribution system of over 500 locations in 90 countries around the world. This dealer network distributes over 100 different forklift models, both internal combustion and electric powered, to meet a wide variety of customer needs throughout the material handling marketplace.